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Will Slinky Sofa Tables work on my furniture?

Not surprisingly this is the most frequently asked question we hear. Please make certain to check that your furniture arms are not too narrow. Dimensions are on the product pages. So long as your arms are not especially narrow, Slinkys are designed to fit most furniture types. The flexible slats on either side of the central table piece are intended to mould to most furniture shapes. In fact, to literally ‘slink’ comfortably across the arm so that the table section provides a stable surface to place drinks within easy reach. Flat arm profiles are easy. Simply lay your Slinky down and you’re done. If your furniture has rounded arms Slinkys will still work. We have self adhesive Bumper Packs which you simply attach to the bottom of the table to ensure that it remains flat and stable on a curved surface. See the demonstration video on the How To Guide here

I have leather furniture. Will they slip?