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Colours Back in Stock at Last!

It's been a long time, but at last we have Soft White bamboo back in stock. Not only that but we have black as an option too. Both these colours looks great with modern decors, so now we have something to suit everyone. 

All three Slinky colour options are made of solid bamboo, coated with a poly finish to protect the surface. 

Don't miss out on this year's hot gift for xmas! VERY LIMITED STOCK.

Xmas is almost here! I don't know about you but the one thing I hate about this time of year is trying to decide what to give to people as gifts. I mean you want to give people something they'll actually use, right? A gift that the people you care about will really appreciate and will remind them of you every day. But you don't want it to break the bank either. It's a tall order.

Well, this year you're in luck because a Slinky Sofa Table fits the bill. They're so simple, but so useful. Who doesn't wish they had a place for that drink or snack right within easy reach? Slinkys look great with any decor and fit just about all furniture shapes. Give somebody a Slinky this year, but don't leave it too long because a new shipment has just arrived but when they're gone that's it until March or April next year. So don't miss out. Get yours now.

Oh yes, and have a great xmas!